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New Walkthrough: Ghoul School

I suppose I am all about starting up completely new categories on this blog!

I decided that I wanted to try my hand at writing up my very first game walkthrough. I had teased this idea in my Ghoul School blog post and today I made it a reality. I had mentioned this in that same article, but for my first playthrough of Ghoul School I meticulously mapped out each new room that I entered so that I could more coherently explore the school to complete the game. A walkthrough really makes sense as the next logical step to consolidate all of the information I collected while I played. This would be a good resource for someone who either got stuck in the game or for someone who wants to just cut to the chase and take the most straightforward way through Ghoul School.

Ghoul School Walkthrough

In addition to the walkthrough, I edited the Ghoul School blog post with a link to the walkthrough, and I also added a link to it in the Game List. That should give it enough visibility!

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