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Ikari Warriors Update 5: Looking for Lady Luck

It was about time to start numbering these updates!

I have made some good progress since my last update. A few days after my previous update post, I beat Level 3 for the first time and then made it probably halfway through the final level on that same run. My best run so far happened a couple of nights ago where I got about two-thirds of the way through Level 4. It seems like all the stages are the same length or very close, so that is my best guess for where I’m at in the game. I haven’t been keeping track but I have made it to Level 4 probably 8-10 times so far over the past two weeks. Like I’ve mentioned several times before it is all a matter of repeating the game in order to build my knowledge so that I can better cope with the enemy attack.

I feel at this point that all it takes for me to beat Ikari Warriors is to have that one lucky attempt where the randomness works in my favor and my playing ability is up to par enough to make significant progress with a fully powered character. It could be any day now when that happens, so I need to keep putting the time in and at least get more exposure to the late game on unsuccessful runs. I’m really close to putting this one to bed for good!

So far I have been able to complete both Level 1 and Level 2 without dying numerous times, including clearing both together deathless in the same run on a few occasions. I have not been able to clear Level 3 deathless and that is because the end of level gauntlet I mentioned last time has no clear solution that I have found to be able to survive it unscathed. At best, I can take a single death and use the invincibility period to finish the remaining enemies. I haven’t seen anything approaching that level of difficulty so far in Level 4, so that says to me that a deathless run of Ikari Warriors is dependent on figuring out the last part of Stage 3. Of course, I don’t need to do a deathless run! If I am able to reach the beginning of Level 4 with only one death, then that sets me up with a pretty good chance of lucking into beating the game.

As an aside, it’s funny how I am mastering this game and yet I can still make some awful errors that completely kill a good run. Lately I have been dying way too many times within the first 30 seconds of the game. I had a run recently where I accidentally self-destructed my tank in a bad spot where I couldn’t recover. I had another run with a string of simply unacceptable deaths that were spread out enough that I somehow managed to reach the final level anyway. I still have the occasional attempt that bombs out in Level 1. I seem to be able to string together a series of good runs followed by a string of mostly unsuccessful runs that frankly are a waste of time at this point. It has been downright frustrating at times to play Ikari Warriors, but in spite of that I keep coming back for more.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one for me, so chances are I will skip next week’s update in favor of real life activities. I am feeling pretty good about beating Ikari Warriors in the next two weeks. I hope that my next update will be the full length blog post on Ikari Warriors that everyone has been waiting for. Stay tuned!

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