Take on the NES Library

An 8-bit Extravaganza!

My Project

Take on the NES Library is about cataloging my effort to beat as many licensed NES games as I can. I have beat many games already but I have no idea exactly how many or which ones I’ve completed over the years, so I am starting from scratch and keeping track of each game as I go.

The most important feature is the blog. This is where I will be posting each game I beat! Every game that I complete will have its own blog entry containing three types of criteria: The minimum criteria required to beat the game, my goal if it’s more difficult than the minimum, and actually what I accomplished. I will end each post with a picture of my TV screen showing the ending if possible as proof. I hope to share interesting stories about my time spent with the game, my history with the game, the general idea or flow of the game, how I acquired the game (if the story is interesting enough), my favorite parts of the game, weird things that happened while playing, and anything else I can think of that is relevant or interesting. This is primarily for me to keep track of my progress, but I hope that my insights and experiences will be interesting enough. I don’t intend to do reviews of the games I play but it may end up that way depending on how I feel!

Now I know that there are over 600 licensed NES games to play through and some of them are going to take a lot longer or be more challenging than others. In those cases, I will do status updates on my current game or make additional posts related to 8-bit gaming. You have probably noticed that I am leaving out unlicensed NES games from this project, so I will sprinkle one in from time to time. I will also occasionally highlight NES homebrew games, PAL exclusives, and Famicom exclusives. There are some really interesting games out there that aren’t very well known and this is a great place to touch upon those games that need some additional love! I have also dabbled in programming my own NES homebrew games, and even though I don’t really have time to devote to that fully it might sneak into the website as well.

I think that covers pretty well what I want to do here. It may very well go in an unexpected direction and I’m willing to call an audible if that’s where it leads!