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The Need For Speed (7/17/2020 Update)

I just want to put out this quick blog post to say that this blog is definitely not dead! It has been three weeks since my last post and I’m just not ready yet to put the next one out, so rather than let the blog lie dormant until then, I’m putting out this small update instead.

The biggest development for me is that I have started streaming my NES playthroughs on Twitch. This is something I had dabbled in a little in the past, but until recently I couldn’t find a streaming and recording setup with the quality on both that I would be happy with. I have been working from home full time since the pandemic shut everything down, and so I have been able to keep tabs on Twitch streams that I like. I suppose that gave me the motivation I needed to figure out things on my end. Now that I’m all set up I am really happy with things. I think the recordings are turning out better now that I switched to streaming software to record gameplay. So far I have streamed six completions including one particularly long racing game. This is going to be the way I play going forward.

The other exciting thing I’ve been working on is speedrunning. I have decided that my long-term speedrunning project will be TMNT. I am mostly doing this just for fun. I have no aspirations of getting a world record in this game, or anywhere close to one really, but just to have something else to play from time to time and have fun doing it. Another positive aspect of doing speedruns is it will allow me some buffer time while I get caught up on my writing. In theory this will work, however it hasn’t proven itself so far. I am already nine games behind as of this writing and have actually fallen further behind since incorporating speedruns. Oops! I have a lot more fun playing games than I do writing about them. I have every intention of getting caught up and can hopefully get back on a more regular schedule soon. I expect to have the next review ready for next Friday, and the next few games after that should be much quicker to write about and should post faster. Please look forward to more regular reviews soon!

If you want to follow along with this new streaming endeavor, check out my Twitch channel.

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